quick and natural tips for healthier hair

The first step in getting shiny, healthy, voluptuous hair is to start at the scalp. Most people think oils are bad and gross. However, our natural oils are very healthy for our hair. It is recommended that we only shampoo three times a week at minimum. Shampooing takes away our natural oils, which is good for promoting hair growth. It sounds disgusting, but going a month without shampooing and just using water and conditioner will do wonders for your hair and scalp. Another tip for healthier hair would be to stop brushing hair when you get out of the shower. Brushing wet hair is very damaging to it, so try and brush your hair before you shower or wait for it to dry.

There are also foods that help promote hair growth and the overall health of your hair. Eating vegetables and fruits, more specifically greens, enrich our bodies with vitamins and minerals that are necessary to keep our bodies balanced and functioning properly. They are also great for our hair! No surprise there. Any healthy food contributes to healthy hair.

There are some natural home remedies that you can use to help your hair be more shiny and healthy. Massaging natural oils or treatments into your hair is great to stimulate growth cells. The massaging part is most important because it gets the scalp’s blood moving. Aloe Vera will make your hair soft and shiny while taking care of dead ends. Coconut Oil and Olive Oil will make hair soft, a little greasy, but will make your hair grow much faster. You want to massage these oils into your hair for at least five minutes, and then leave to soak in for 45. Wash out with water and just a little shampoo so your hair does not look greasy. You will notice a difference in one use!

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