benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil has so many different health benefits, it will have your head spinning.

Some of the benefits include:

~ hair care:  gives it shine, promotes hair growth

~ skin care: moisturizer, delays appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin

~ stress relief

~ cholesterol level maintenance

~ weight loss: increases metabolism, burns energy,

~ boosted immune system

~ proper digestion

~ regulated metabolism

~ boost energy level and mental alertness


It has also been shown to provide relief from:

~ kidney problems

~ heart diseases

~ diabetes


~ thyroid disease

These benefits of coconut oil are based upon it’s active ingredients: lauric acid, capric acid, caprylic acid, and their respective properties: antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial and soothing qualities.

Coconut oil is also known to kill off hunger, making it easier to consume less food. One study showed that six men who ate more coconut ate 256 fewer calories per day. After a few years, this number would increase and the overall health would continue to improve.

Coconut oil is used mostly in tropical areas such as Sri Lanka and Thailand, but you can buy some at your local grocery store. It is evident that those who live in tropical places are not overweight because they use coconut oil for cooking and eat over 60% of their calories from coconuts. Due to this, they are in excellent health with no evidence of heart disease.

One trick that most people don’t know is that coconut oil can also help with dogs allergies. Just by letting your dog drink/eat coconut oil, it will help nourish the dry, inflamed skin. It will also reduce the itching. Start with ½ a tablespoon a day and then work your way up to one tablespoon a day.

Basically, using coconut oil every day, at least in your cooking, will boost your overall health in so many different ways. Start putting it in your diet!

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