natural ways to get rid of headaches

When people get headaches, the first instinct is to pop some Advil or Ibuprofen. However, these  over the counter products have long-term effects. After years, they start to have negative effects on the liver and kidneys. When possible, try and find some natural ways to reduce the headache instead of going straight to the painkillers. In this blog post, you will find five different ways to do so.

  1. The main reason that people get headaches is because they are dehydrated. So first, make sure you drink water. Drink one glass of water first, then throughout the day continue sipping water. You are supposed to drink at least eight glasses a day.

  2. Get a cold compress, like an ice pack or frozen vegetables, and put it to your head. This will numb the pain, help shrink blood vessels, and improve circulation to the area.

  3. Applying heat to the back of your neck relieves headaches caused by stress by relaxing tense muscles and ease the throbbing pain. Taking a hot shower is one way to apply heat.

  4. Lemon reduces headaches because it contains acid-alkaline which restores pH in the body . Cut a few slices of lemon and put it in a glass of water or water bottle and drink that throughout the day. Another way is to cut lemon crust, crush it until it is pasty, and apply it right on your forehead.

  5. Apples and apple cider vinegar also contains acid-alkaline. You can eat apples to help, or add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water. Adding honey and lemon will definitely help sooth the pain, too.

I hope these home remedies will be of use for you next time you have that throbbing pain in your head!

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