keep skin healthy during the winter

Now that winter is here, the temperature is dropping and our skin is becoming dry and flakey. Nobody likes their skin to feel rough and cracked. With these following holistic practices, not only will your skin start clearing up and your body start feeling better, but you will have a natural, moisturized, glow to your face.

1) Eat more veggies!

  • Start with eating at least one vegetable with every meal. They help your body function more smoothly and provides it with the nutrients it needs.

2) Create your own homemade exfoliator

  • At minimum, exfoliate twice a week. It is important to wash the dead skin off your face because it clogs your pores. In the blog below, you can find a way to make an exfoliator made of epsom salt.

3) Stay Hydrated!

  • When we don’t get enough water, not only do we feel dehydrated and sluggish, but it also makes our skin look older and duller. Make sure to sip on water throughout your day, and eat foods that are hydrating like cucumbers. When the cold air is making our skin dry and irritated, make sure you have enough water to fight back.

4) De-stress

  • Stress can be very detrimental to not only our overall health and self esteem, but our skin’s appearance as well. When we are more stressed, we create higher cortisol levels, which does all sorts of damage to our body. It causes acne and blemishes, so make sure to take a breather and de-stress throughout your day.

5) Get Active!

  • Exercising is the best way to get your blood flowing to all the right places. It will give you that extra glow, and make you feel a lot better overall. It can also get rid of your stress, which as I said earlier will cause acne. Get at least 30 minutes of movement in each day!

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